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Company Operations

Tozzi Holding is a business that delivers a wide range of services, including: Purchasing and General Services; Administration and Finance; Quality   Safety Environment, Personnel Management and Information & Communication Technology. These services are provided exclusively to the companies that Tozzi Holding controls directly or indirectly, as per the strategic definition of the economic purpose of all the companies in the Tozzi group, which was set out in December 2006.

All these services are provided by Tozzi Holding, using its own infrastructure and its own professional and material resources, exclusively in the interest and for the benefit of the companies in the group, on the basis of specific contracts for the supply of services.

The various services that Tozzi Holding offers to the companies in the group are implemented via the following mechanisms:


Purchasing and Logistics

  • Selection and monitoring of suitable suppliers on the basis of the purchasing requirements manifested by the companies in the group (purchasing for orders and investments)
  • Issuing of offer requests and purchase orders on the basis of the requirements manifested by the companies in the group through purchasing requests.


Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (H.S.E.Q.)

  • Management of operations concerning matters of health, safety, environment and quality, as prescribed by the law or by the contract, in relation to the work orders and productive activities of the companies in the group (drafting of health/safety/quality/environmental plans, risk evaluation, auditing, training and information, management of health monitoring)
  • Internal auditing operations for all of the companies in the group and compilation of data and reports for management reviews
  • Issuing and updating of processes for all of the companies in the group on the basis of the instructions set out by the relevant management teams
  • Co-ordination of personnel training activities and management of the training archive.

ICT Systems

  • Analysis and definition of ICT solutions to meet the ICT requirements of the companies in the group
  • Running of the group?s IT Management System to benefit all the productive and administrative operations of the companies in the group (planning, reporting, management of materials, cost accounting, administration, human resources, equipment)
  • Maintenance of the hardware and software utilised by the companies in the group
  • Carrying out, in co-ordination with the QSA Service, of the activities required to ensure compliance with the terms of the regulations on the protection of personal data (within the time limits and using the methods prescribed by the regulations).

Administration and Finance

  • Carrying out of all the accounting procedures relevant to transactions made by the companies in the group (accounts receivable, accounts payable, financial transactions and management of relationships with banks and insurance companies)
  • Drafting of the balance sheet and other economic/financial reports for all of the companies in the group
  • Management of the companies? costs accounting and drafting of cost-control reports in accordance with group processes or in response to specific requests.

Personnel Management

  • Management of personnel matters to ensure compliance with all requirements relating to the recruitment, remuneration and administrative management of the personnel of all the companies in the group.

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